Now that we're in Public Beta, it's time to start thinking of how to spread the word! Let's start this Beta off strong by creating our own ads. Forgive me as a I plagiarize a post from Internet of Things which was already plagiarized.

So what are these "Community Ads?"

Graduated sites allow the community to advertise relevant products or services within the site, using a system where the community chooses what to advertise. You can find these posts on per-site metas. Hint: these posts have the tag!

Cool! What should the ad be like?

There's a few requirements for these ads. Most notably,

  • They must be 300px wide by 250px tall, or double for "retina" displays
  • There's a limit on file size of 150 kB.
  • The image must be hosted on i.stack.imgur (the Stack Exchange image hosting service).
  • Ads must be GIF or PNG (no animated GIFs).

What else should I know?

To facilitate easy posting to other sites, make sure that the embedded image is of the following format:

[![Tagline to show on mouseover][1]][2]

   [1]: http://image-url
   [2]: http://clickthrough-url 

You can also include a message as a part of your answer with your own thoughts: why you chose some of the elements, and what sites the ads could potentially be posted to. Don't forget to critique each other as well!

Those are the rules, now it's up to us to make it happen! Let's have fun with it!


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